Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year

Another New Year is upon us. Shudder. Another marker that tells us how little we've accomplished thus far, and a chance to make it all right again by the next one. I'm always very conscious about the new year. I think that's because my birthday is so close to it, and so every year feels like a complete unit. I haven't thought of any resolutions this year. I have a lot a decisions to make between now and February first -- about where to go, what to do, and in which order. Once again I'm standing poised waiting for my marching orders. Or not. I wonder sometimes why God took someone as type-A as myself and gave me a life that is filled with uncertainty. For example. By February 1st I will either be: Still here. Moved to California. Moved to England. Moved to Cambodia. Or moved to Seattle. I really have no idea whether I should be packing my car right now or selling it. And I'm fine with that. It's an adventure as usual. I'm ready for a change, I think. But this time strangely cogniscant of the fact that I'm not "as young as I used to be" and I'm starting to want to find whatever it is I'm "supposed to be doing." Old priorities are changing, but not giving way. New desires are coming, unrequited to the forefront, with no outlet yet. Options are being thrown to the four winds in the hopes that whatever falls to the ground will all fit neatly into the schedule of the next year. Some longer term goals are beginning to poke their heads up -- further college, new majors, some travels.

So welcome, another new year. We all await to see what you will bring this time.