Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Opening night of Kiss Me Kate tonight. My understudy performance on Monday went really well. I interpolated an F above high C into the cadenza, and actually performed the thing. That was the most exciting moment for me. The audience can't tell how high things are, really, but the cast did. I felt a little slow starting out in the show, but overall it was a very cohesive performance (considering it was only the understudies' second full runthrough). We had some good moments and a great audience. Now it's the regular cast's turn!

And, I got a role offered to me for Pinocchio through the fall, so I have my next show lined up!

Great day all around.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So at church today, the pastor was preaching on Mark chapter 7 - the one where Jesus calls the religious leaders hypocrites. The illustration went as follows:

"So let's define hypocrite for a moment. The word is a greek word, and is actually a Greek theatrical term referring to the masks that the actors would put on to portray characters in a play. Where's Rachel? Is she here today? Some of you may have seen her around. She helped out at VBS this week. She is also playing Maria in The Sound of Music this summer. After the games, she would have to leave to go get ready for her shows. As an actress, when she goes to the theater, she has to play a character that isn't her. This is what hypocrite means - the masks we wear."

It was actually really funny, after I stopped blushing furiously and trying to hide behind my Liesl, who was sitting with me that day. And the lady in front of me, who had been discussing the play before the service, turned around afterwords and said, "So, were you just sinking under the pew?"
Week two of the show is over, to great audience feedback. The night before last I "sound just like Julie Andrews," and last night the Captain was "better than Christopher Plummer." Several people told us they're going to go home and watch the movie now.

I'm still job hunting everywhere I can, but no luck so far. Business in town is very slow, and people just aren't hiring. Two more hotels posted front desk opening, which I'll go apply for. But having worked front desk several times, usually they don't want to train someone for less than two months worth of work. We'll see.

I had my first batch of friends come into town and see Friday night's show. It was great to see both of them, and Tasha with her theatrical background can offer constructive comments about what works well. We had breakfast at the local coffee shop, then walked along the river until it was time for them to go. It was lovely to have friends here.

Today we run Act 2 of Kiss Me Kate. I've got to go brush up on lines in case they get to understudies today.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Opening weekend was a success! We had a 3/4 full house on the 4th, and a full house on the 5th. I thought the second show went better than the first one, but both were good solid performances. I sang better the second night. The first night the wind was blowing and I felt dry and raspy for a few songs until my water kicked in.

Last night was a soiree for major donors. The leads from all three shows went and sang a song apiece. Afterwards we schmoozed. The Captain and I had several people come up to us who had been to the understudy performance. They all said the same thing; "Well, we saw your understudies, and really enjoyed it. You'd better do as well as they did." Huh. We looked at each other, smiled and said, "We'll do our best."

Really, what else can you say?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Opening Night.

Oh dear. Oh dear.

My hands starting shaking so badly an hour ago that I glued my braid to my hands instead of my headband.

I'm filling out my opening night cards now, and thinking about whether I'll be able to keep dinner down if I eat something.

Oh dear.