Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going out on a high note

Well, I did my last audition of the season today for Seattle Children's Theater. Everything I've heard about them convinces me that I'd love to work for them someday. And this season they're doing the Jerome Robbins Peter Pan, which I've always loved, plus more of their fantastic original shows.

In the spirit of getting back on the horse, I decided to do the song I didn't really get through for the 5th. I knew I could do it, and knew also that if I didn't nail it now, I'd chicken out forever. So before the audition I went to TPS and did my audition half a dozen times through. I walked over the SCT and nailed it. I hope they call me back next season. They asked about my current projects and availability for next season, so I'm hopeful that they're interested. But they run auditions for more than a week, so they have a lot of people yet to see. Including Zandi and Susan, who I've worked with in Leavenworth.

I've only got a week and a half left of the double job phenomenon. May 27th I will be down to just waitressing for the summer...and rehearsing two shows...but I'm letting my brain think for a few days that I'll be less busy. I've got to learn a Oklahoma accent soon (different from the Texan accent I can put on at the drop of the hat) and also a French-speaking-English accent. I've got a lovely cast member with a spot on French accent from her studies in England, and I've asked her to coach me. Mom and Dad know plenty of "Okies" for me to call and have them read lines to me. For starters, my Grandparents will be up from Tulsa in a few weeks for Allie's graduation. (I can't wait to go to rehearsals and tell my directors that my Mammaw is from Claremore - the setting of Oklahoma!)

I'm opening the restaurant today, and must be up in a few hours, but my occasional insomnia caught up with me an hour ago. Oh well. I'm working a short shift, and there's always espresso.

I've finished two pieces for my line. I have another top started that I should finish tomorrow, and several more works in progress. One top has been dismembered twice and still isn't quite right. I went to an antique clothing store this weekend that had always been closed by the time I got off work. I left early on Thursday et voila, open! And she had a box full of vintage patterns to rifle through. I bought three. A blouse and two dress patterns.

Well, I'm back to bed now.