Saturday, June 01, 2002

I dyed my hair today. Happened to be reading a book and lost track of time. My hair is once again neon carrot. I supposedly have a date on monday and I would prefer not to look as if I had a beauty treatment by Ronald McDonald. Too late now. I'm hoping that if I wash my hair enough times tomorrow some of it will fade out (if God is merciful). If God is not, I will have to start experimenting with various hat looks. I look terrible in hats. Actually, that's a lie. I look great in hats from 100 years ago. Huge hats with feathers and lace. MODERN hats make me look......rather...........dumb. Some people look sporty, or casual. I just look desperately silly.
The real problem isn't my hair though, it's what shall I wear. First date outfits are tricky (not that I'd know from personal experience). One wants to look nice, but not TOO nice. As if yes, you always look this good, but not that it takes any effort to do so. Don't want him thinking you're self absorbed right off the bat. Plenty of time for that later. So now I have to go plan out a perfect new outfit that doesn't look like I've bought it just for this occasion. Tricky.