Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Grown-up Job

Grown-up Job

The past 24 hours were my first day as a grown up. No really. At least the first day I felt like one. Last week I had a twinge. I had spent the day calling back and forth with someone I was trying to arrange dinner plans, and we kept having to "hold on, I'm busy, could I call you back?" The plans were for 5, and I had to be a few minutes late to close down the store. On my way to dinner, a few minutes after five, sitting at a stoplight, the twinge hit me. I was going to have dinner after work with someone else who was coming from work, and then I had to go back to work to finish the paperwork for the evening. *Twinge of adulthood.*

Yesterday Nancy was out sick, so I ran the place all day. Directed volunteers, made decisions, trained new employees, and checked off more items on our spring to-do list. (Nothing I don't do on a normal day, but for once all decisions rested with me.) At five I closed the shop, but still had work to do. So, here's the amazing bit, I kept working. I finished some organizing in the store and then went upstairs to get my eBay workstation ready. I set up our USPS shipping account, hooked up my printers to our new computer and downloaded (uploaded?) the software, hung my personal to-do list on the wall, and researched a few more items we hope to be listing soon. The point being, I worked late to finish a project. Then, after dinner I went back to work to tidy up, and spent some time online researching online coursework for my own benefit. Then I set my alarm early.

This morning, I woke up half an hour early, did a load of dishes, made a pot of coffee, cooked breakfast which I ate while checking my email, and then jumped in the shower and went to work. I got some more of the "to do" list for the store crossed off, taught three classes, got my shipping area in the eBay workstation organized, and tonight I'll be working late again to post our first items online.

*Twinge* *Twinge* *Twinge*