Sunday, August 23, 2009

My first weekend with a NEW and IMPROVED wig!!!!!!!!! I feel like a girl again! And a pretty one at that. My Laurey was much vainer today since she had such a pretty head of long yeller hair.

On the negative side, I got through the lines and the prologue to People Will Say We're In Love, sang my first "don't" - and my brain said ".....................s...s...sssssigh and gaze at me!" Then my brain said, "That's the second verse. The SECOND VERSE! What the hell is the first verse, 'cause I have blocking that goes with that one that I can't do here!!!" I managed to come back with a second line of "Don't please my folks too much..." but then had to sing "don't sigh and gaze at me" three times in the song, since that's how I start my reprise before I cry.

I tried out a high D in the reprise (before the second show), but my musical director nixed it. He said I have lovely tonsils, but it(the note, not my tonsils) detracted from the moment. I agreed, and thanked him for letting me try it. Oklahoma! has boring high notes.

I'm off to bed now. I was tired on the way home, but now I'm just wired.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've had a particularly social week this week. After an entire summer of everyone I know being out of town doing summerstock, it's been lovely.

Monday I got off work early (after pouring coffee of a film director up from LA working on postproduction of a film that's made it into the Toronto Film Festival, and is using the composer from Little Miss Sunshine) and decided to spend the afternoon bumming around downtown. I walked from Pike's Place to Chinatown, stopping at a thrift store for a pair of nude fishnets and a few tank tops. Then I walked to the Goodwill Outlet for some more materials for Lachellybelly's next batch of items. I found a couple of things for myself, and a vintage pillowcase (for a skirt), some bohemian multi-fabric curtains (soon to be a peasant blouse), an eyelet tablerunner (possibly the frontpiece of a tux shirt), and the innards of a Bucilla Embroidery kit (when I pulled that out of my bag, Miles looked at me like I'd purchased garbage, but this morning I separated the colors and put them on spools - and I have a completely full embroidery kit now).

On my way home I took the bus through Greenwood instead of up Aurora, and on my way, Zandi called and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for shopping. I was three stops from where she was standing. We met at the Library, then ran to Vietnamese for some pork fried noodles and root beer floats. Then we ran into a Vintage jeans store, and found Zandi two pairs that fit, and a pair of old Levi's button ups for me. No lycra (thank heavens). Then off to Labels where Zandi found a new sweater for headshots, and I got a headband and a string of pink pearls that goes to my waist even after I've looped it around my neck once. Fab.

Tuesday I worked. On my way out I heard from Julian (my high school prom date, in town from Germany for our ten year reunion) and agreed to meet him for coffee in Pioneer Square before he headed back to Ellensburg. I visited Diva Dolls on my way, after eating a salad in the park, and found that my favorite hat had sold. Sad day. Vintage purple cloche hat with polka dotted tulle. But they've started carrying a line of garters and seamed stockings. I'll be going back for a purchase once I find the perfect pencil skirt to wear with seamed stockings.

Coffee in Pioneer Square was perfect, and we got a picture of the two of us holding our prom picture. That should make it's way to facebook soon. I made my way home after stopping to check my email at the library, and Becky and I worked on our projects on the back porch until the sun went down. Gewurztraminer and hand embroidery don't mix well, but I did my best.

Today is my day off. I'm researching Hedda Gabler for the play I'm costuming (1890's costume - hurrah!), finishing my current dress and starting on the peasant blouse, then going with Becky to Louise's lakehouse for Thai takeout. Should be working on my monologues for an audition on Sunday.

Tomorrow night is the new season of Project Runway.

And my new wig came in the mail. Hopefully this one will last the duration of the show.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

After all the debating, I'm glad I went to my ten year reunion. I met some people I hadn't seen in a long time, and got reaquainted with some people I barely knew a decade ago.

I found several people that live right near me in Seattle, and several of whom I'll be meeting up with later this summer.

Funny thing though. In the inevitable "what do you do" conversations, I was surprised to find that people got stammery and vague with me about "you know, working. Nothing exciting." They seemed to find my life exotic.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, casting has changed again, and I'm back to the Witch in Snow White, instead of one of the Dwarves.

Monday, August 03, 2009

There is more to life than theatrical projects, but not much these days. Which is good. The goal of building up the resume continues. Both resumes. I'm on now officially as a dwarf and the huntsman in Snow White for the fall, and I've taken on Ghostlight's fall show to costume. I'm still hoping for another evening play in there somewhere. Two shows and one costuming would fill out my fall nicely.

I'm starting to think ahead to slightly longer term goals, and have begun researching doing some national cattle calls this year. I'm not quite ready to leave Seattle, but I am feeling the need to cast out a little further for work opportunities.

Waitressing has cut back to two days a week. Livable, but not enough to save what I wanted to for the summer (my own fault since I'm not available to work weekends all summer). So it's back to retail next week. Time to start shifting my schedule to one that will acommodate Storybook.

Susan and Zandi were in town yesterday doing some auditions. They went to see Storybook's current show, and I met them for coffee. Today Erin is in town, and we're doing some shopping. I'm excited for the fall when several friends will be moving to Seattle permanently.