Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hello everyone! I made it home safely! It sure was good to see all of you again! My parents said their house hasn't been that much chaos since the last time I was home and you all were over!

Jeff, I'm now wearing black shoes with my black suit, so you can stop making fun of can't be picky when one is borrowing winter clothes that one no longer ownes..

Denise, what will I do without you popping in at all hours. May I say to everyone, life is much more boring here where we all work too hard to pop in and out!!!!

Audrey -- I know you don't read this, but great to see you anyway!

Keven, nice hat, and I have your 3-D glasses here somewhere. I'll mail them to you!

Eric, I didn't get to hook up with you, sorry! But I'll be back in January and we can Ice skate then!

Did I get everyone? STAY IN TOUCH all of you!!!!

My birthday is in 6 days....look at this.