Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm not dead

I swear. Not dead. Just busy, and eventually, even Cambodia gets into a routine. Get up early, run around all day, squeeze in some personal time, go to sleep.

Right now I'm down to my last book I've brought with me. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice aloud to Jessica. I'm reading Phillip Yancy's Finding the Invisible God (or something like that), and I'm reading Le Lion, Le Sorciere Blanche et l'Armoire Magique. That's right. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in French. And it's not too bad. Les Enfants are on the way to the stone table, racing Edmund and the White Witch. Winter is melting away, and Spring is coming to Narnia. When do I have time to read in the middle of all the schedule? I get asked that a lot -- but you all know how fast I read, and I read just a chapter or two here and there in a spare minute. I'm still picking up Khmer, though not as frantically as before, and I have two new songs to learn and memorize.

I told the story today of our Flogamockers Song of Solomon Party. They couldn't believe that we read that book outloud, and in mixed company. (If only they'd seen the candles and canopy, and Garlic stuffed lamb, too!) We read Daniel aloud last Saturday in the tried and true Flogamockers tradition. God was Australian.

In my English Class this week we've been doing 5 days of the story of Joseph. We've done stories before, both to help them to hear and recognize spoken English, and to meet the YWAM base requirements, and they've sat through them rather sullenly (some). They didn't much care for the feeding of 5,000 and Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego. And they made up pat answers. But this week they're asking things like "Was Rachel mad that Jacob married her sister?" and "Did Potifar's wife sleep with anyone else?" They're loving this. I teach the dreams section today. I'm excited.