Friday, December 31, 2004


Donate to the Tsunami Disaster Relief Funds.

Through: Compassion International,


or The Red Cross, if you prefer.

Recommended Reading

Entre Nous.

The complete guide to why French girls live so well with so little, and still manage to look great (even while eating goose liver, rich foods and chocolate). Buying quality instead of quantity, avoiding malls like the plague, and only buying clothes that are perfect, and go together. Living simply but well.

Also has French film recommendations. One of which is Chocolate, which you should see if you haven't -- even if it is directed by a Swede with a mostly American cast, it's still a great view of French living. And Johnny Depp is in it.

The Flood Part 2

The flooding continues after a stellar storm front moved in last night. The creek outside my door has risen another couple of feet, and is now about to wash up on the corner of our balcony. Very exciting. If the dam breaks we'll have a lovely flash flood a la Julie by Catherine Marshall. I roll out of town tomorrow afternoon, so I should avoid building my own ark. White water rafting would be great today...If it weren't for bridge over the employee entrance. That might be more of a headache than it's worth.