Sunday, February 11, 2007

Funny Stories of Cambodia

Some Funny Stories

...about translating: Our classes are all in Khmai and English, with two more people writing outlines on the board in both languages. The other day the lessons were picking up pace, both teacher and translator were getting revved up. The (English speaking) teacher drew a dot on the board to illustrate a point...and the Khmai writer drew a dot over the Khmai side. Because that needed translating. The same thing has also happened with a smiley face.

...about showering. The weather is finally (ugh) hot again so we don't have to do the "Shower Hokey Pokey" in the mornings (You know, you put your right arm put your left arm put your head in).

...about sleeping. I'm the only person in the room who wants the fan on. Apparently 88 degrees is too cold for a fan.