Friday, March 23, 2007

Life here is good. I've adjusted to rice finally.. The first few weeks I thought everything was delicious. Then one month ago I couldn't eat rice one more time if I had to. Now, since for the last month I've been buying less junk food, food tastes great because I can't just go eat whatever I want whenever I don't feel like eating lunch. Very yummy. I haven't eaten a bug yet,but I do love banana chips. I went on a mission to find a bag (8 kilos - 2000 riel) but I've been foiled so far.

Today I had my first major shopping excursion. I was out of almost every I had to go the Psar Bon Chuip to buy some. It's hard to know what to buy when all the brands are different -- and the ones you know are much more expensive. (I can buy Pantene here, but it's one dollar more) So today I bought one small Pantene ProV conditioner, Clinic Clear Itch and Dry Scalp Control VitaACE shampoo, Lux Vibrant Citrus Shower Cream with Vitamin C, Californian Oranges, Kiwi, and Grapefruit, CARE Hi-kamin Baby Powder with Cucumber, Apple and Grape (hope that doesn't clash with my citrus body wash). Toothpaste is the most difficult -- the favorite asian flavor being herb and salt. Gagh. So today I settled for Colgate Honeysuckle Herbal Salt Mint flavor. This should be an adventure.

Thank goodness yesterday is over. Friday is our voluntary fasting day -- and I've done it most of the time. This week though I started really obsessing about snack food. All week I jut couldn't stop thinking about it. Normally on Fridays people do different types of fastig -- it's not really strict -- and most people (including me) drink a lot of juice and smoothies to keep the blood sugar up through the hot day. Yesterday, given the junk food fetish for no reason, I went on just tons of water until after evening prayer time. AHHHH. I made it, but just barely. My neck was trying to go out too, so the combination of both put me in rather a bad mood all afternoon. But, once again we made it, and it's now our self-dubbed "Western Food Saturdays!!!" I had a doughnut and a three in one coffee for breakfast! For lunch we've bought peanut butter and jelly. I'll buy some drinks and chips, too. And hopefully banana chips as well!

My box arrived!!!! I have a picture of me and Jessica in the tops you bought. I couldn't wear both of them -- so I made her wear one for girls night that evening. I'm on the wrong computer to upload pictures, but I'll try to switch. Thank for the contacts...and best of all the CARDS!!!! I love them! And the chocolate is WONDERFUL!!! We can buy it here, but it's fairly (relatively) expensive. Most of it isn't really chocolate, but there is Cadbury and Snickers at the western store across the street from Psar Nat.

And Dad scanned a compassion letter that came in! Thanks Dad!