Sunday, March 23, 2003

Found out today that Matt was coming over to pick up some meds from Adrian. He was bringing along Stacey who has never seen my house. My house, until about three hours ago looked like a minor tornado had gone through all of it (mainly because Adrian and I had torn through my wardrobe looking for somehting to wear for my audition). It was still all over the floor. And lets not mention the kitchen -- except to say that the putrid smell I've been blaming on the kitty litter box in my bathroom, was actually week-old curdled custard-gone-wrong from last saturday when I got inspired to cook during spring break. Not yesterday, mind you, but a week before that. Yes. Buried under a week long pile of dishes that somehow never made it to my dishwasher. And by thursday when I was too stressed to clean I just started lighting candles in the kitchen to mask the stench, and keeping my house colder than normal. To my future husband should he happen to stumble across this -- I am not a good housekeeper. Please prepare your kitchen cleaning skills, because I have none. But my house now looks fantastic. I cleaned vicariously for an hour, only to have them stick their heads in the door, glance around and go "nice!" Then they left. But at least my apartment is clean. Yes. Nice for the relaxing.

I still have 4 songs to memorize by 12:30 tuesday. I was supposed to do it today. I've hit, however, a mental roadblock and can't force any more foreign words into my brain. Nope. Just not working. Certainly by tomorrow though!

I think I'm going to stop going to my church. I'm ready for something new. Maybe after the easter rush is over....