Sunday, November 20, 2005

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Mom's been on my case to get my wishlist published, since my birthday is in a few weeks. (2 1/2?) So here you are. Vain advertising. Whatever.

1.Wheels of Time series by Robert Jordan. I have books 4 & 5, but I'd love the next ones and especially the prequel.

2.Gift Certificates. Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Off the Record, Michaels, Craft Warehouse, Inklings- anything splurgy that I can't afford working here.

3.I would kill for a pedicure.

4.Anyone who wants to gang up together, I have literally hundreds of out pictures that I need to print out and get into scrapbooks. If you wanted to take my CD's and get a few printed up, I'd love it!

5. Or in another vein, go to Heifer and buy livestock, go to Compassion and sponsor a child or donate to their Christmas fund, or go to your church and pick up an Angel Tree kid.

Or if you were really nice, pay off my student loans so I can move on with my life! :-)

Ideas for Christmas

Ideas for Christmas pt. 1

Go to Heifer International. Instead of loading down that special someone with more crap they don't really need, buy livestock and have it shipped to a poor family overseas. They will use the livestock for food and income, and in turn pass off some of the animals to others in their village or town. Give the gift that keeps on giving!