Friday, January 20, 2006

Thank God it's the weekend. Almost

Thank God it's the, almost

I am so ready for it to be this evening. Even though I'm going to have to work a few extra minutes to make up for coming in late from teaching, and I need to get some things listed on eBay tonight. Of course that's all subject to change if any plans arise.

Bible Study tomorrow at 2. Two services on Sunday, and various Calzones practices here and there to get ready for a possible gig on the 26th? Something like that.

I watched 40 Year Old Virgin last night. It was actually not bad. I'd been told that it was horrible and I wouldn't like it. Actually, I thought it had a lot of redeeming value. I was especially glad at the end, when he gets drunk and sad, he doesn't end up ruining it with the lady he actually loves by going for a fling with the bar bimbo. That was great.

Off to work for another hour and a half or two, then I'm FREE!!!