Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Today I had the morning off. Whew. 5 more days of this no reading thing. Whew. In theory I've read more of my Bible this Lent. In practice I've worked so much I get about three verses in before my eyes roll back in my head. I did the same with "Emma" last Sunday, so I don't think it's lack of interest.

Tonight I was training the new girl, Angie. It was a much better night for training. Things were slower, better paced. Yesterday she was given a tray and told, "um...Go there." I'm surprised she came back today.

Another paycheck coming tomorrow. Student loan #1 will be paid off. Another victory!

I'm house-sitting through Saturday. Then I can go down and buy my bridesmaid's dress for Drea's wedding. I can't believe she'll be 21 in a month. I can't believe she'll be married in less than 4. I can't believe I'm two years older and haven't had a long term boyfriend since highschool. Well, I've been in Opera, I remind myself. Hurrah for dating! Enjoying it very much.

I got out my sketchbook and drew two trees, a gazebo, and an outdoor tented reading nook. I think I'll color it tomorrow. I have a vision of someday owning a little cottage on some land. An acre or two. I want a picket fence with roses. A weeping birch. A Victorian cottage garden. Full of snapdragons and carnations. Begonias. Violets. Pansies. Irish moss everywhere shady. Honeysuckle and star jasmine on every wall, post, and surface. Wisteria on the porch. Some little "Secret Garden" with a swing. Rooms full of Victorian furniture, vintage linens, and bookcases. Not country at all, just mellowed victoriana. Reading nooks in every window and ingle. Warm colored walls, and fireplaces. Fruit trees and a little garden out back. Apples, Cherries. Neat little herb garden, colonial style. Some cheerful rows of vegetables. (Mother is laughing already. She knows I've never been a gardener) Maybe a little pond with some ducks. A couple of cats curled up around, and one big low-key dog. Maybe a basset hound, or something older and mellow. Friends coming in and out at all times of the day. Dare I hope, a husband? Someday. Windowboxes full of snap dragons. A porch with wicker furniture and butterfly geraniums. Fuschia, not red. And that's my someday dream. After I get done traveling, and singing, and being on the go all the time.