Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Love Actually

I really liked it. We picked it last night to go with our sundaes. No one had seen it, but it had an all-star cast. Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, and Mr. Bean.

Kind of artsy with eight revolving plotlines. (That's how you can tell it was foreign. Thats at least four too many threads for an American audience to follow. How CAN they keep them all straight? I know lets spell every last detail out to them in neon lights so they'll be SURE to catch it...I missed the foreign film festival this year. Really ticked me off. They had Peter Jackson there doing a guest lecture. I didn't get a brochure until after the fact...*SIGHHHHH*

Yesterday morning I got the inevitable call. 9:30. Phil has gone to the emergency room, and the golf lounge needs a bartender. Guess who got tapped? So I threw on some makeup, did my hair up, and trudged down to the lounge to pour drinks for the good ol' boys. They needed gin and tonics and someone to call honey. I got a lot of "honeys" and a few "darlin's." Why is California the place to find a concentration of old southern gentlemen? I remind several of them of their high school girlfriend (I beg your pardon) and several others thought I had a nice smile. (Must have let that slip. I try not to smile at the bar. It only eggs them on. Kidding!) Right when I was closing, seven men came in for their daily 'turkey club.' They talked war and politics, and Phil's rib problems, and why wasn't he there, and if I wanted to be a good bartender I'll hang around with him for a while, and remember that other female bartender 'bout ten years ago? What was her name? That's right. Look bud, they sent us a pretty one today...

And so on. The perk? At the golf lounge they leave cash tips!