Saturday, October 16, 2004


After the show on the 15th, I went with my homestay to a Ramadan party.

It was upstairs at the church, blankets on the floor, pillows strewn about, and shoes prohibited. They had a table of Middle-Eastern snacks and (ironically) Mango Nectar made in the Philippines.

Jessica went right away to the group centered around our hosts. I walked over to the missions table, looking for something to do after a long night that didn't involve trying to "recommend myself to strangers." Jeremy was that guy at the table. He gave me the low down on everyone in the room. Most have been to the Middle East in the short term, or will be heading there full time within the next five years. A few years ago that would have been tantamount to a suicide mission in many places, but he said doors have begun to open.

After that I talked to the youth leader. He's still in college, and doesn't feel called to long term missions (missions was kind of in the air that night), but wanted to know if I was called, and what am I currently studying in the Bible. I have to say, I could tell him verses, badly misquoted, but he would jump right in with, " Oh that's from Matthew 13, right?" Rather daunting, but we had some good conversation on the topic of giving. I had a few opinions and ideas, and his comments have prompted a topical overview on the subject.