Thursday, November 22, 2007

New's from the other side of the curtain

And from the other side of the curtain...
I spent this week nannying during the day, then rushing to rehearsals at night. I had three days off for Thanksgiving, and must go back again tomorrow for a week of tech before we open on the 1st.

It's nice to be back with theater people. During a break we were all discussing what odd jobs we were working to support our habit. One pounded 'for sale' signs in for real estate companies, another had given in at 40 and gotten a 'real job.' We were commisserating on how difficult it is to balance making money and doing theater, when suddenly an impromptu chorus began with improvized lyrics - to the tune of 'Anatevka.' I've missed that.

I also got two jobs this week; substitute teaching on one side of the mountains, and a temp agency on the other. That should cover me a little more wherever I am.

I'm up for a 'possibly paid' film role, and thinking about auditioning for Romeo and Juliet on the 8th. I've never done Shakespeare, so I'm a little hesitant. But it's paid, and I'm already in town for a show that weekend.