Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Weird Day

Weird Day

Not the day itself. Although we got a shipment of clothes in, and Nancy and I weren't feeling in a customer-ish mood today, so we opted to hang the new stuff up. And amazingly - we processed an entire load in one day. It would take, and I am not kidding, a week or two for our employees to do the same amount of work. And we weren't booking it, either. Just moseying, for us.

And it was a good thing that we hid in the back, because today was Weird Day. What strange people. I came back from teaching and a lady was back in our sorting area going through bags and clothes on the racks. I assumed it was some eccentric friend of Nancy's, so I didn't say anything. Nancy was sorting clothes chatting to her. I'd hang things on our "to-be-put-out" rack and she'd take them off, try them on, wander around with them. At one point she grabbed a man's blazer off the guys side and went on and on about how lovely it was, and is it too big for me, and oh, did it come with a skirt? I told her that it came out of the guys' bag and if it had two pieces probably came with men's slacks. She was crestfallen and wouldn't believe me. I don't know if she ended up buying it or not, but she found two more pieces from formerly two piece sets and held them up for us to get a look at and made us PROMISE that we would CALL HER if the matching pieces came in. We promised. I hope she doesn't have her hopes up. We have several single shoes waiting for their mates to appear as well.

And everybody was like that! I would turn around to hang somethings on the rack, and there was someone going through it. And while I tried to keep my glaring at a subtle minimum, I also endeavored to send off some "you shouldn't be back here" vibes. And NO-body got it.

Well, I must cut this short and run. I have an original Adam West batman costume to finish before Lost comes on. Nancy and my Wednesday night girls night in. Huzzah.