Monday, September 28, 2009

Nausiating but True

Yesterday at work, a couple came in and asked if they needed to order at the counter. We told them to have a seat. They went outside and walked right past the big "section closed" sign to sit on the patio. I went out to take their order and asked them if they wouldn't be more comfortable inside. Most of the people who started outside moved indoors because the breeze in the shade was quite fall-ish. They informed me that they ran hot.

They were idecisive, and when I brought their food, the lady pulled me aside in a confidential manner and asked for extra onions. She just loves a lot of onions. I went to the computer, ordered onion and brought it to her. Upon bringing the check, she grabbed me and asked about the $.25 spinach charge. I told her that was her extra onion. She sat and stared at the bill for a long time. I heard her saying "Well SHE...." to her husband as I cleared the table next to her. Finally they left. And on their credit card receipt was a $4.00. Then under it -$.25. Then under that a total of $3.75.

People are rediculous.

In the other realm of nausiating but true, Alan and I were watching Batman last night, and over the credits was lovely Danny Elfan scoring. At one point the music played the following (stay with me): Dum da Dum DUMMMM! (!) Without hesitation or consultation, and in unison, both of us sang: Dum da DUUUUM! (Re...mi...fa) And then burst out laughing. In the soundtrack was the first four notes of the Indiana Jones Theme, and we both obliged by singing the second line. At the same time.

Sad, that.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

My mini-break is winding down. Oklahoma! and Snow White left me with four weeks off, with only production meetings for the Oedipus Duplex that I'm costume designing to fill the month. Mostly I've been filling the time going out a lot and enjoying having a life for a change.

Now, however, it's back to the grindstone. Storybook starts rehearsals on Tuesday, waitressing is winding down, and Wednesday night I've got to go take measurements for the cast of Mother Phoeker, Thursday night for Blinding Pains. Snow White opens October 21st.

I've seen a play a week for the past month. Having someone with access to professional comp tickets is a lovely perk (Handy, that). I saw Forever Plaid at Renton Civic, The Secret Garden at Driftwood Players, The Producers at Seattle Musical Theatre, and tomorrow night I'm going to go see the premier of Contact the musical at Center Stage. Good or bad, it's nice to see friends. (Actually, it's more fun to see the bad ones, as you can make snarky comments throughout)

I'm also finishing up a retro coat for Lachellybelly to add to my repro sundress with handstitched pin tucks. I'm trying to get another set done before I have to set it all aside to costume Oedipus.

Happy one month anniversary, Alan!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Look

Austen: "Your scowl could kill a full grown moose." (Said while on tour with Wycliffe)

Alan: "Nice glare. Now if only I was a charging rhinocerous."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I put my phone through the washing machine, and finally declared it dead today. My old phone still works, so my number is up and working, but I've lost all my contacts out of the old phone.

Could you all please send me a text message with your name on it so I can update my phone again?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We apologize for the inconvenience:

Rachel is calling in dead on account of a personal life, and will emerge once the rainbows and bunnies go away.