Friday, September 12, 2008

I am sick as a dog.

Yesterday I wouldn't have gotten out of my bathrobe at all, except ACT had an open call (which I wasn't up for, but wanted to speak to a human about when their next open call general audition would be, and get signed up right away), so I dragged myself up off my deathbed, threw on brown slacks, open toed suede heels and my D&G turtleneck (hurrah! It's fall!), and after nannying jumped on a bus downtown and went in to their office. The next audition is two months from now, on a day I have a show, so I may have to reschedule for the one two months after that. *Sigh* If I'd been on the ball faster I could have done their one last thursday.

We finished Lord of the Rings yesterday, and will be starting on The Two Towers on Monday. I can't believe she's following it all - Tolkien is nothing if not verbose - but we're both really enjoying it, and I love doing all the voices. I appreciate Tolkien's skill as a writer more at this speed. He has excellent sense of varying description passages with dialogue passages, so one doesn't get bored reading aloud.

I'm doing research looking for monologues. I think true theatrical people must do this all the time, but coming from a music background I'm trying to get up to speed by reading as many plays as I can. I read two yesterday and the day before, and am checking out three more. Some Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams today. And a bunch of DVDs since I plan on spending the rest of today on the couch drinking lots of liquids. I have a callback on Sunday and can't afford to be sick for it.