Monday, January 09, 2006

Know-it-all Lady

Know-it-All Lady

The Know-it-all Lady was in the store today. We see her several times a week. Sometimes every day. When I first started working here she drove me CRAZY. She always answered for me when another customer had a question. She'd come up to the front with a bizarre item from the farm room asking "Do you know what this is..." and then proceed to tell me.

Several times, though, she saved me when a difficult customer wanted to know why I couldn't tell her what something was. As if I'm supposed to have unlimited knowledge of endless nic-nacks and farm implements. She knew that a round, thick glass bowl was actually the base of a chicken waterer. She identified an item that, to me, looked like a bit of rusty metal. I can't remember what it turned out to be, but it was underpriced and quite valuable if the right collector happened by.

Now a day doesn't seem quite right if she doesn't come in for her cup of hot coffee. She's our best salesperson. If another customer is vassilating on whether to buy something, she jumps in with how much of a steal it is, and after all, it's 20% off today (She also knows all of our sales). They usually buy it. And she knows the answer to every ailment. Today she advised washing my dishes with bleach and pouring more down all the drains to keep the "grunge" (the cold I've been fighting for weeks) from reoccuring. And I got to trade cat-keeping-us-up-at-night stories as she walked out the door.

I love the Know-it-all Lady!