Sunday, February 22, 2004

I'm sitting here listening to a lady talk on the phone. Mid dinner she recieved a call that her nephew was in a car accident and is in ICU with two blood clots in his brain. He's completely unconscious, and they're trying to keep him that way. Something to do with the bloodclots.

I gave her a hug. Somehow I couldn't help myself, though it is completely unlike me. Then I apologised...

She's been in the lobby making calls for over an hour trying to get information to her family. Thank God the boy is a Christian...and a very recent one. (eavesdropping picks up wonderful little tidbits) So anyone who wants to can pray for his body without needing to add one for his soul.

Rain Rain everywhere. It's wet and cold. How can the air be so dry and so wet at the same time?