Saturday, October 02, 2004


Overheard yesterday:

They like dead people and posessed women..

Hard day's night

Here I am finally! The last place I stayed had so many blockers and filters, it wouldn't let me blog.

Last night was our hardest show yet. It was an odd shaped room, and had two immovable stages that we had to work our stage around. Then, at mic check, three mics didn't work. So our 15 minutes dragged into over a half an hour. There was barely enough room backstage to maneuver (which caused several almost-character breaks as we walked onstage giggling at how we almost didn't make it that time). Then, afterwards, I lost a crew member during packing. She began panicking and felt like she was going to pass out. I sent her outside, but then I was down a crew member -- and she's the one who organises how things get put back into our tupperware tubs to get loaded back on the carts. It took a long time, and we had several dished break in the chaos. It's always the ones you don't have any extras of that get smashed. I was the last person out of the building by quite a bit. I'm sore this morning!

Today we're off to Northminster Presbyterian, where my church's old youth minister is now head pastor. We'll see if he comes to the show...