Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lots of spontaneity

Today we went into rehearsals expecting to do blocking. Instead, since the director was still working with the script, we did improv. Hours and hours of improv. It's not bad once you get going, but it's way outside of my comfort zone. I'm hit and miss. A couple of moment seemed to go well, but one scene -- where you had to react over the top to a particular sentence (The best was "may I have some pretzels"). We played statues, where the two actors onstage can't be moved until the two people behind manhandle them. And Freeze, where two people start a scene, someone else yells freeze, replaces one, and begins a new scene from the same place.

Then tonight, after dinner we played Pictionary. My team was behind the whole game (we kept rolling 1's) but two fives and a couple of good clues gave us the lead right at the end. There was a lot of screaming on our side. The other team claims they lost unfairly due to their newly acquired hearing loss. Bull.

Tomorrow we'll have a completed script, and blocking should commence. Hopefully without games. Though, I suppose being stretched is 'a good thing.'