Sunday, August 11, 2002

Just got off work. I've got to find a more creative way to begin a blog. Only 9 days more to work. The end is in sight, and I'm getting antsy. I don't care about doing a good job as much. When the lady sends back two bottles of water with two glasses of ice because it was supposed to be two bottles of SPARKLING water with LEMON and NO ICE. Its then that I'm tempted to bring back the sparkling water in a brandy snifter, but I refrain. Instead I bring back two bottles of sparkling water, two glasses of sparkling water WITH lemon and NO ICE. And an orange juice. And amazingly, this nearly full tray is all for one kid. He had the same thing last night -- over half of the glass content for the entire table. However, I digress. What I meant to say was that I don't much care anymore...and besides its August . The Witching hour for all service industries. Summer is almost over, people are bored and have nother better to do than entertain themselves by running waiters ragged. Not all of them. The french family are actually very nice. Especially when they apparently thought that they were in Spain, because they were speaking to our very-non-hispanic waitress in neither French nor English. Halfway through the order they apologised and translated for the rest of us. As we all felt very dumb. Well, not our bilingual bussing staff -- but I certainly did. I used to speak French fairly well. An now I'm hard pressed on how to say hello, goodbye, and how are you doing this evening. At one point I could have carried on an intelligent conversation about wine. Now, no. And so i didn't butcher the little french I did know...I just let them translate. Even the stuff that I understood. Well, obviously I'm very tired. Too tired to write a coherent blog on a single topic. So instead I will go to bed. Goodnight all!