Sunday, August 17, 2003

Another fabulous night at the Alisal. One of the cocktail waitresses is often dissappearing to talk on the phone, or taking long breaks, or doing everyone else's job but her own. Anyway. So last night she spent 20 minutes in the kitchen searching for jalapenos for her burger, then another 15 minutes in the barbeque line (which we can't figure out, since burgers are located at the kiddie table -- apparently she was getting plates for bussers). So then she wanted to sit down and eat in a leasurely manner -- but Tiffany told her, sorry honey -- you already wasted your 20 minutes getting food. Go put it on the grill to keep it warm if you like. 10 minutes later she was still standing by the grill talking to the cooks. I walked by and said "Hey, get busy." Her response..."Sir, yes sir."

So, the managers told us to let them know when she takes long breaks like that, and we haven't been because we'd rather not have the hassle. Last night, enough was enough, and we grabbed a manager. He chewed her out. I found her later to deal with the whole "sir, yes sir" thing. It didn't go as planned. She's now out to get me -- told me I'm a slacker worse than she is, take longer breaks, and never do my job. Ok -- all of you know me. Does that sound a little suspicious? Yeah...she must be very desperate to accuse me of slacking off. Oh, and her parting shot was "People only like you because you go to their table and brag about what a great singer you are." Hmm....the sprouts of jealousy are rearing their ugly little heads.....Anyway -- still hate to think about how tonight is going to go. She's the type who is going to get desperate as she senses her empending state of unemployment.....Jason says I should hand her rope and let her hang herself -- figuratively speaking, of course

Adams, Samuel (1722-1803), American patriot, one of the leaders of resistance to British policy in Massachusetts before the American Revolution.