Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Refiling Taxes

No one should have to file taxes more than once a year, but I messed up the last one (checked the wrong box) so the IRS was kind enough to inform me of it. So, right now we're not sure if I owe nothing, or owe quite a bit.

And soon it will be time to file for 2004. Blech.


I met with Nancy, my 8th Grade through Graduation small group leader. She kept a group of girls together for five years, even when many of us were no longer involved in our own church youth group. (After three youth leaders in as many years, most of us signed off freshman year) Some of us were teaching Sunday school, others were attending services, but Nancy had us meet anywhere from weekly to monthly. Just to catch up, bible study and fellowship. It was wonderful to have that continuity, and someone who didn't pressure you to 'attend' but always let you know you were welcome when you had time. And most of us made it most of the time.