Saturday, November 08, 2003

YAY to Jerah! Who looked at my template and finally fixed the problem!!! Apparently, when I'd deleted my old comments link code, I deleted the code for the last section....and thus why my text was screwy! Isn't this lovely! Life is beautiful! La vita e bella!
ALRIGHT EVERYONE!!!! I HAVE COMMENTS AGAIN!!! I still haven't managed to solve the shrinking text problem, but at least I've fixed one problem. So now, your job is to write comments so I know you're out there! Tell me if it sucks! Tell me if it's good! Whatever! Just imput!

Still Sick. Is anyone counting? How long is this cold going to last? I'm getting sick of it. Of course, working four double shift days in a row and not being able to sleep at night isn't HELPING!

I've been having the worst of all possible starts to a morning -- besides waking up ever 15 minutes all night.......Chloe is not taking well to being potty trained. Caiaphas has it all figured out as far as we've gone. Chloe proceeded to have an accident this morning, and then another when I shut her in the bathroom to clean up the first one. So half of our house is finding its way to the laundry room this morning, and of course, I was running late to work....big suprise..

Today we have a party of 50, a party of 20 and the regular walk ins for brunch, plus a meeting in the board room this morning, so its going to be a veritable zoo around here. Hopefully I can go home and sleep for a few hours before I have to go to my next job. So sleepy. I'm stopping by the health food store to see if they have some kind of pill that won't leave a hangover. Even before the cold I wasn't sleeping well -- I'm a light sleeper in the best of nights -- and between Caiaphas playing with paper bags, or shoes, or whatever else he happens to find amusing, and Andrea grinding her teeth all night, I'm beginning to look slightly more like the witch from Wizard of Oz -- but with larger bags under my eyes, and a smaller nose (thank heavens). Yes Indeed, I am green...but I'm blaming that on the Camomile tea.

I really love the health food store! Drea and I have started shopping there because, 1. Albertsons is still on strike, and 2. It's on the way home from our mutual jobs. Drea can get food for her lactose intolerance, and I can buy things that actually contain vegetables. That's my biggest failure with this new diet we're both sugar, no problem. No fast food, ok. No junk food, I can eat balance bars...but eating vegetables just because -- blech. We did buy vegetables. And they are sitting quite happily in the freezer section of our fridge. Right where we put them a month ago....

Speaking of the Albertson's strike. Enough is enough already people! Go find a new job if you're that pissed. But Albertsons's is the only place to shop that isn't a mom and pop shop...Which are, of course, great for produce and such, but FREAKISHLY EXPENSIVE for anything prepackaged, and then it only comes in the smalles possible quantity. So, to all the ALbertson's strikers out there....I'm going broke supporting your strike! Plus, I'm wasting all sorts of gas money driving half an hour to my bank, which is conveniently located in your lobby.