Friday, April 04, 2003

My family and various friends start rolling into town tomorrow! YAY!! For so many reasons YAY!!!! And I'm off to bed at a decent hour -- or maybe not if Adrian calls....
I need out of the house. Going to see a movie. Or maybe just eating, or coffee, or something. Ciao
Oh I had a wonderful day yesterday after all....well actually the day sucked, but my rehearsal went very well! My high note that I didn't tell my voice teacher I was putting in blew him hout of the water. YAY!!! High notes make it all worth while. I did forget words in a couple of places, but I doubt I'll do that on sunday because there will be plenty of breaks in between song sets to gather thoughts and remember words. And of course I'll fun through the whole thing a few times before then. And I got my bed back. Mom had been sleeping in it, and I was not sleeping well on the floor of my living room. So I got a good night's sleep -- after I finally fell asleep. I was so excited about my rehearsal that it took an hour or so to wind back down. Off to the shower and then to choir...blech!