Friday, December 06, 2002

Wow, let me pause a moment to unscrew my smile. Heeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrghghg. Ok. Better now. I just got done with a recording session for our Christmas Concert PBS premier (set for christmas, 2003). We're being videotaped. So we have to look happy, and joyful, and greatful to be there.

ha. Dr. Bailey looked at the dress rehearsal that they taped to fix problems, and he said it looked like we were chained to the risers. Pretty close. We were just trying to make an acurate portrayal. We recorded in front of an audience, and then locked them in so they couldn't leave for our re-recording of several songs. Ha. When they paid for their tickets, I bet they didn't know they'd be held hostage. I'm sure whoever watched the concert next year will really enjoy it. It will look great, and be very uplifting. Look for me up and to the right of the mezzo soloist smiling away. Looking happy, and joyful and greatful to be there.

Especially during the symphonic pieces that we were, essentially, a curtain to mask the risers. No other reason for us to be there -- we could have filed off and come back on after three movements of Vivaldi, but no. We had ugly risers to mask. So we stood there looking happy, and joyful, and greatful to be there.

Especially on the camera close ups -- the we were positively glowing. At least during the Forest scene from Tchaikowsky's Nutcracker I could envision all of the beautiful dancing. I made up whole ballets this week in dress rehearsals. So, it wasn't too bad tonight...but tomorrow we have to hold the audience longer to make up all the mistakes they find tomorrow in the review of tonight's performance. Oh goodie. (ok, now can we do measure 30-35 of the Sir Krisemas piece...ok that was great..thanks) Oh, and in between concert segments, we have a sing along with the audience. But...someone forgot that WE don't have words in front of us (the concert is memorized). So here we are three verses into "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" -- and the cameras are doing closeups of us going: Hail the hm....prince of la la la righteousness....light and life to something bring..........watermellon in his wings......mild he something something la la la hmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm la la la la la la la la.....HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING! GLORY TO THE NEWBORN KING! That ought to look wonderful. Ok, I'm going to bed. I have a recital dress to finish for Jen's dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. Then I have to head to part two of happy, and joyful, and greatful to be there.

Alright, since my birthday is in 3 days, people have started asking me what I want for I'm going to post a "wish-list" here:

1. coloring books -- my favorites are precious moments ones

2.victorian reproduction die cuts, greeting cards, namecards, punch outs -- anything I can use for my decoupage screen that's sometime in the future.

3.girly stuff -- bubble bath, nail polish, potpourie, candles (vanilla, cinamon, etc), and picture frames, gold or victoriany so I can frame some of the pictures I have of all of you!

4. The Silmarillion -- JRR Tolkien

5.pretty teacups. I love them -- I have them all over my house, and they're all over the place at antique shops and gifty places ....or

6. Of course gift certificates are always nice -- Hobby Lobby is Mecca, and The Compass too -- anyway. So, I've covered my bases for this year...and these are just ideas -- no one needs feel obligated, but I told some people I'd post ideas there!