Friday, February 03, 2006

Other Cute Pictures of Me

I loved to wear dresses so I could twirl

Steven and Rachel

Steven Pedersen and Me, Kindergarten class photo

The Ups and Downs of a Rollercoaster

The Ups, Downs and Sudden Shocks of a Wooden Rollercoaster

Yesterday was quite the day. Nothing very formidable happened on the surface. Prayer Breakfast. They sang the song I loathe with an all consuming passion. (Walking and talking with my MIIIIIIND...SEEEEEETTTT on Jesus) No Amazing Grace to the tune of the Gilligan's Island Themesong. That borders on sacriligious.

I tried to get my oil changed, but Goodyear was backed up until Tuesday at 3:00. I'll drop my car off on the way back from St. Pauls and walk back to the Lighthouse. I can walk back after I close the shop. It's utterly convenient to live within a mile of all three major jobs, several favorite restaurants, church, and a used bookstore. Once the weather warms up again, I'll start walking more places.

I worked a full day, no teaching to break things up. Tessa and I priced the latest load at the front counter where it's warm. I put myself close enough to the heater to smell warm clothing particles all afternoon. Tessa is amazing. She is so smart, reads all the time, had all sorts of scholarships to colleges, graduated at 16, and was published several times as a teenager. Then a couple of bad decisions left her on welfare years later. She's about my age. We talked about what she'd do if she could do anything, and money and current situations weren't an object. She wants to go back to school for an English degree. She wants to go abroad for a while. I took my lunch break far later than usual to stay and talk.

I got two emails in a row, one with some bad news, and one with good. I am still grinning over Steve Pedersen showing back up after twenty years. That balanced out the other.

After work I had band practice for Sunday, and then went to Borders to buy a new Cloud and Townsend book that I've been coveting for a couple of weeks now. I'm not a big fan of the "Self-Help" genre, but my counselor in college recommended their "Boundaries" book. It took me a year and another recommendation to actually read it, but it was very good. The new one is good too.

And I'm back to work.