Sunday, September 14, 2003

Oh it's sunday. I was good -- got up and went to church. I had planned to do a little shopping around on churches...I may still go visit other denominations, but I really do like the pastor here, even if there are a few things I don't really like...but some of those could be gotten over with the right attitude adjustment. Namely my bad one.

I scoured the church library today for Adventures in Oddyssey tapes. I'm getting tired of playing the same 12 episodes over and over in my car. So I have 36 new ones...well, not new exactly. I've heard them all before. But at least I haven't heard them in a while...

My cats aren't getting along at all. I don't know what exactly they're on these past few days. My only guess is that they got spoiled by having me home incapacitated all week, and now are going off the deep end since I'm moving around again. Chloe seems to need to go outside for no particular reason every night just before midnight. Cai wants out before the sun comes up. Choe makes a point of jumping onto Cai when she gets on the bed, then growls and bats him around for being in her way. Cai only wants to sleep in the middle of a card game. Chloe acts neglected, but then won't actually COME to you for attention. Cai nestles up for attention, but then runs when you actually try to pick him up. Strange cats.