Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Score: Rachel: 1, Cat: 0.

My cat is too smart for his own good. Somewhere along the way he discovered the surest way to get mommy's attention in a hurry is to claw the furniture. At first he'd amuse himself only from time to time, I'd throw a pillow, douse him with water, or throw him outside. Lately I'd noticed that he only clawed on the furniture once: at 5:30 am. I'll be darned if the cat didn't figure out that the easiest way to get let out in the morning was to claw on the couch and Mommy would come rushing over to boot him outside. No stupid cat is going to train me.

This morning, 5:30 he started clawing on the chair. He paused and waited for me to rush over.

No response.

He clawed again, more seriously this time.


He shook his head to ring the bell on his collar. Twice...


He jumped on the bed and sat on Chloe who started growling and hissing. He clawed the bedspread.....Luckily I'm going to replace it soon...He jumped on top of Mommy, the stuck his nose in her face to see what was wrong. She was still breathing. He sneezed twice and rattled his bell.


He tried variations of the same tactic; more clawing, bell ringing, sneezing, and annoying Chloe.

Finally at ten to 6 my alarm went off and I could get up and let the darn cat out. But I'd proved my point for one night at least. Rachel was not going to be dictated to by an animal that licks his own bottom.