Monday, November 21, 2011

It's dark.

I've been up early this week, but up so long before sunrise that it had already risen by the time I stopped working. Today I seem to be up just at the nick of time. Usually the shorter days just take a toll on me, but this year I'm doing pretty well.

This morning I'm up to do alterations for Banana Republic, then finish the show alterations for Farnsdale Christmas Carol, and then with any leftover time, I'm working on Alice in Wonderland costumes before I have to go into my shop.

Alan's in tech this week for The King and I, which he directed. It opens the day after Thanksgiving. Then Brigadoon v.2 begins teching the day after that. We'll both be running that show through the holidays.

I've been cast in a straight play for my next venture, and I'm very excited! I'll be playing Sorel in Hay Fever by Neil Simon. After years of consecutive musicals, I'm kind of looking forward to stretching a bit by constant dialogue. It's going to be a lot of memorizing over the holidays!