Monday, April 19, 2004

Did I mention I got bit by a gopher?
I'm really disappointed about the way my auditions are going. PCPA called and wants me to join their two year program (I'd have to take out almost $20,000 of student loans to do it), but not their summer program (which they'd pay me to do). I had to make the decision yesterday to turn them down. My finances are going so well right now, I'm not interested in doubling my debt. The program doesn't give roles at all to first year students, and you might get an understudy or minor role your second year. So, now I'm out on a ledge again. I have one more audition in the next couple of weeks...a video audition for Norwegian Cruise lines...which I've been meaning to send in for weeks. And in the late summer I can audition for Leavenworth's fall/winter shows...after that there aren't any auditions really until the cattle call ones in February. It'll be interesting to see where I end up. I'm thinking about taking a month's hiatus between here and whatever to do an open ended amtrak tour of Canada. How does that sound?
I took the Penney's catalogue with me to work. My whole spring and summer wardrobe has been found, priced, and if my tax return would come. I love the idea of simplicity -- everything I've ordered (two pairs of shorts, four blouses, a crochet hat, and a pair of ked mules) matches or coordinates. They should last me for a couple of summers at least...
Tonight I'm going to Wendy's house to play the "Cash Flow" game. It's kind of like monopoly, but you learn how to make investments, get out of debt, and organise finances. It's my first time playing. I took the rules to work with me...there are way too many of them.
Currently blogging at the local library. I was supposed to work until four, but after three hours, not a single person came into the bar, so they let me close early. I love those unexpected hours...I've picked up the next eight books by random chance. I love looking over bookshelves for something interesting. Sometimes they're great, sometimes I quit after a chapter or two, but I've found some of my favorite books this way. Hurrah for time to read.