Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Alright, so back to wine people. After a 6 course wine tasting meal with a glass of wine for each course, they all decide to come up and tell me how wonderfully I sang. And then they add the one that makes every legitimate singer cringe.."you sound every bit as good as Charlotte Church" (or Sarah Brightman -- or for guys I assume Andrea Boccelli). And you try to remember that its a compliment. At one point I too loved Sarah Brightman. And fought for the right to call Phantom a TRUE opera. And now I am older and wiser. I realise that Phantom is not an Opera because they use mics. And there is no way that Sarah Brightman could be heard singing those lovely falsetto high notes over the sound of the falling chandelier. But I digress.....It was lovely of them to compliment me. But the same lady who was so nice....five seconds later was complimenting the bus boys...and the pianist...and the winemaker...and I think I even heard her thank the table....

drunk people -- there's no telling

I made it back from california. Why are wine people nuts? Californians are nuts to begin with (excuse me ... does that salad have legumes? I'm allergic. Could you give me some tofu instead?) The question on my mind is...isn't tofu made of soybeans? And aren't soybeans by definition a legume? I mean really people.