Sunday, July 04, 2004

Minor Disaster

Tonight a cart hit a speedbump too slow to go over, but enough to rock three racks of glasses off the back. 57 casualties. 18 were saved. When the head of food and beverage said to start phasing out the old glasses, I don't think this was what he had in mind...

Screwtape Revisited

Heaven help us all, these people are horrible. HORRIBLE!

At one set of tables, no one is allowed to sit until Grandma decides where. The night before last they brought in four bottles of wine, and wanted extra glasses to go around. Today we tried to anticipate them, and places double glasses on the table they were at before. Murphy's law; they sat at the other table. We started shifting the glasses, and one of the ladies said, "Oh, no no no. We won't be having wine today. They've all been wine tasting."

Table two was better. One man brought in four young children, sat them at the table, and then made to leave. "Ok, kids, have fun at the movie later." The waitress asked if an adult was planning on staying with them. "No. Does someone need to?" She answered in the afirmative, and he promised to send back "one of the twelve year olds" to babysit. They adults wanted to eat after the kids had left.

Table three. Oh the charmers. They can't sit down at once, and they want to order one drink at a time. No one will look at you when you come to the table, but they get quite offended when you walk away. We got slammed last night. The busser came with one table's food. They didn't feel they needed to wait any longer. I looked up and the first table was gathered around the tray of the second table's food yelling, "who had swordfish." They caught me staring, mouth open in disbelief, and one lady tried to..."Oh, well, they've been waiting for a long time and..." I pretended not to hear.

The last I heard before I headed home was the same harried waitor back at table one asking about dessert. A little kid piped up, "Is the dessert going to take as long as the food did?"