Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's a very religious day in Seattle today.

My bus was filled with people dressed up like proper Asian Buddhists for the appearance of the Dalai Lhama. Which I understand if you're of Asian descent and can conceivably worship in an ultra conservative wat-esque way. I was trying very hard on the bus not to judge the obviously western caucasian people dressed the same way, but then I went to my favorite chocolate shop, and I mentioned the costumes, and she said, "Were they white?" I said "Thank you! I know, right?" (I haven't been to enough Christian conferences to know for sure, but I don't recall anyone dressing like a biblical disciple, or a Catholic Priest or whatever to show solidarity - although we do wear enough Jesus t-shirts, wristbands, hats, and bumper stickers to be equally silly-looking in my mind).

I digress.

On the bus ride back the Christians were picketing the Christian Scientist building.
Today is the dreaded taxes day. Well, not so dreaded as I did all of the adding and computing yesterday, and now have only to go get a fresh copy of all of my forms and submit the thing. If I did everything correctly (Oh PLEASE!) I'm getting a nice refund. Plus the money our Mr. President is giving us back to make us feel better about our economy - instead of paying off our deficit.

Last night was a stay at home moving night for me. Hurrah! I've been running like mad this week. One of the former roommates had left behind two Danny Kaye movies. One of them, The Court Jester, was fantastic! Glynes Johns was the leading lady (Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins), and Angela Lansbury was the Princess -and almost unrecognizable. All of the performances I've seen her in were from later in her career. Danny Kaye, of course, was brilliant as usual. And there are some immortal lines, like the "Flagon with the Flagon" speech.

I'm doing one more show of Alice this weekend, and 8 more shows of both roles from now until the end of the run on the 27th. Tech for Cinderella is Monday, and I perform two shows on the 29th.

I sat on the bus coming home yesterday with this woman across from me hollering into her cell phone almost the entire ride. She spoke very slowly, and was trying to get a prescription written from a receptionist in an office. As the bus went up hills or sped up, she got louder and louder to compensate - until I found myself humming to myself to escape from the noise. Finally, towards the end, she bellowed "I'm only slightly mentally ill!" That explained it. But it was very odd to sense behind me the discomfort of all of the other passengers, and to watch the faces of people getting on the bus who had to pass by the barrage to get to their seats. I feel sorry for the yelling lady, and glad she seems to be managing so well. My ears were ringing, though.