Thursday, September 19, 2002

Although, considering how few people actually read my blog (relatively speaking -- compared to say, Annawho has whole hoards of people who not only read, but are active participants. Well, I'll admit, she is much funnier than me! So perhaps instead of Night all, I should say: Goodnight you(plural) -- as we learned in italian today. Why is English the only language not to have a word for you (guys/all/whatever)? That means you have to say, most conveniently, "y'all" which I still only use in moments of extreme carelessness -- or exhaustion, when my nonexistant drawl comes leaping from nowhere. Anyway -- A domani
I now have 9 items on ebay...several people are looking at them, but unfortunatly none are buying any. There was a beautiful sunset tonight -- absolutely fabulous in the part of the world! I got a picture on my new camera....very excited about it!

I wish I could write more, but I'm too dog tired from staying up half the night playing on the computer! Night all!

It's 3am. Do you know where your Rachel is? She's sitting at a computer immensely pleased with herself for not only putting three more items on eBay all by herself, but after accidentally deleting the icon from her desktop that takes you to the photo editing process, figured out how to fix it.

On an interesting sidenote -- why is it that my pictures will not transfer from my camera unless I'm doing something else -- like checking my hotmail account. All evening I'd plug in all of the cords to connect the two .. and the computer would sit there going <> And I found that if I calmly opened another file, it was the technical equivalent of Mom walking in the room and saying "now, what is it that you are doing exactly." And suddenly my pictures would transfer like crazy. No telling with this computer. It really has a mind of its own.

Still no one bidding on anything. My mother told me to calm down -- it hasn't even been two days yet. Well yes, but I'm hoping that of the four items, at least one of them will sell the first time around. One can always relist of course, but it costs each time. The object here is to make money, not pour it endlessly down the hole as an excuse to play with my new camera. Anyway -- I think having listed my items for the evening, I will go to bed. Tomorrow I must buy a paper and plan my garage saling strategy! (Oh, another thing -- Rachel also found herself tearing through her apartment looking for things to sell....perhaps one should notify the proper authorities and have her shipped off before her exitement gets the better of her)