Sunday, October 07, 2007

A depressing and disheartening day

A depressing and disheartening day

Missions Weekend, my church. Mission week for me as well -- which you would know instantly if you saw my eyes, which always seem to be at their unexplainable worst whenever I have to teach, preach, or share. Can't figure out why, but it seems to be the only pattern to these episodes. This week I spoke three times about Cambodia, and spent three services running a booth for Compassion, so I can pretty much kiss contacts goodbye.

I don't understand how a church as large as mine can manage a well publicized, well organized missions weekend where only 20 ladies came to the women's function. (Which, despite attendence, was a wonderful two days).

I don't understand how in a church as large as mine, and as affluent, not a single person sponsored a child today.

I understand. We're busy. Those that give have their own list of charities. Those that don't, don't want to anyway.

I shouldn't have watched "The Girl in the Cafe" this weekend. It isn't helping.