Thursday, October 14, 2004


So yesterday we went to Nogales, Mexico. It was interesting. I bought an anklet (down from $6 each to 3 for $5) just to get the experience of bartering (although the acual haggling was expertly done by Walter and Nicole. I walked around trying not to get accosted, and Vicky took Walter's injunction to "not speak to anyone" seriously to a fault. But after a few minutes we got into the swing of things, and stood back and watched Nicole at work. She didn't want anything, she'd just pick something up, smile when they set a price, and walk away. She got a guy down from $34 to $12.50 in thirty seconds flat without even saying anything.

After that we crossed the train tracks and went to eat at La Roca. I had my first non-Taco Bell gordita. It was excellent, as was the tortilla soup with a mysterious spice in a dish on the side. That was good too. We finished it off with some cheesecake. How awesome, and another country to color in on my map.