Thursday, March 10, 2005



To all those who offered to pray for me this term:

Sorry you've had so little direct contact from me. My funds have been so limited, combined with a check card that was cancelled and reordered in January (Which arrived two days ago) and a purse lost a few weeks ago, my money is limited and access to it almost non-existant. All this to say, I can't afford to buy stamps. So, if you would mind letting me blog these, because I could use some prayer for a few things:

1. My eyes are still infected, I've been through a rather costly prescription to get rid of it, and it didn't work. Two days ago my glands started swelling. So, I'm not feeling so hot, and I'm getting tired of being onstage blind every night because I can't put my contacts in. Not only might I fall off the stage, and I can't see what anyone else is doing, so I'm reacting every night to nothing.

2. After tour I'm praying about taking another year off to finish paying off my debts. That was a huge goal of mine before coming on tour, and God has allowed me to keep up with most of it, but I've reached the end of my savings and need to take a break and finish. So far I'm feeling at peace about quitting for now, but I want to make sure it isn't just me making this decision.

3. Money while on tour. Wycliffe gives us an expense allowance, but it doesn't go very far. Our paychecks haven't been very regular (the last one was three weeks late due to confusion at the church office, and arrived the day before two automatic deposits came out of my account).

4. And the usual, patience and grace for my team working under me. Pray that I would "encourage the timid, help the weak, warn the idle, be patient with all..."

And then for the Junior High

One Time Youth Ministers

Last night the team, minus a couple, went to a Junior High youth group and spoke. First though, we had to play water balloon basketball, ending with the balloon getting caught in the net, Torrie climbing on Austen's shoulders to get it, and the balloon bursting all over both of them.

We introduced ourselves, and what we do on tour. The we led them in a few of our warm up exercizes, and a game of Zip Zap Zop. Torrie won the championship round. We demonstrated 'What are you Doing?' but didn't have time to play with the kids. Then Tasha modified her speech from the missions conference about the importance of drama ministry, plus a bit of the talk from the last school we talked at about the unreached people groups in the world. (It all fits on one hand. Spell thumb. T=tribal, H=Hindu, U=Unreligious, M=Muslim, B=Buddhist) Vanessa and I did a scene from the show about the difficulties of bible translation cross culturally. And then we ended with a bit of Q and A. I got to answer the question about who Wycliffe was, and where the current day Wycliffe started.

All in all the kids were really responsive. Squirly, but attentive. I'm glad we went.