Saturday, September 06, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

I'm back in Seattle now. The weather was completely sunny for the first three days. Excellent! The only downside to the summer was having made it through a Seattle winter, I moved just as the weather was getting nice. I'm glad I've caught a bit of it at least. Today is a little cloudier and colder, and I'm layering for the first time this season. I love fall clothes. Turtlenecks and jackets and sweaters and wool skirts.

Having discovered money I didn't remember I had, I went on a major shopping spree yesterday - buying frivolous things like groceries and toiletries...and a pair of jeans and two pairs of fishnets at Goodwill and Value Village, respectively. ("Getting ready for Halloween early?" asked the cashier at Value Village. "No, I wear them in real life just for fun," I answered, "And I don't need a bag." "Not shy, are you?" he replied as I carried them out the door.)

As I was at the grocery store I got two calls for auditions. One for a previous audition that had to be rescheduled, and one for a company doing Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella this fall, who I was hoping to be seen by. I've got three auditions in the next two weeks, then Pinocchio rehearsals start. The lovely thing about these three auditions is; 1) for the first time I may have to turn down a gig - if I get it - because I'm too busy, and 2) if I land any or all of them, I'll be booked solid through at least Christmas, and have something for days through March. Pretty stinking good feeling, that.

I'm nannying again, and I've ridden my bike both days this week. I thought I'd gotten in shape this summer, with walking and biking everywhere most of the time, but this is the first proof I've had. I made it up 87th (though, going back up 90th defeated me and I had to walk my bike), and over the 30 blocks to where the family lives without it killing me! Hurrah! I think I'll continue to bike as long as the weather holds.

Being home is lovely. I've busied myself getting my house put back together, and trying to make our living room more usable, instead of the repository of stuff from various tenants, current and prior. I'm scrapbooking at Becky's, my quilt is there too, and cleaning at my house when I'm home. The cats stretch out across the back of the couch and nap every time I sit down, and it's very cuddly and purry as we sit in the sunny window and laze our way through the afternoon. How nice to be home, except for missing show people terribly...