Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Locker Room Story

The Locker Room Story

We were recounting stories after dinner, and here's one of mine from my days off in Seattle

I've never been in a locker room. As an adult. As a kid I remember walking around the athletic club or the YMCA and seeing saggy middle aged women walking around naked. At Baylor, I'm sure there was a locker room, but my dorm was nearby, so I dressed there and went over the to equipment room. I'm not a modest person after years in the theater, but the last time I was really naked in 'public' was when Crissie and I went skinny dipping in my grandparent's pool on our senior trip.

The Logsdons gave me a weeks free pass to their Athletic Club. I did two yoga classes and worked out on the elliptical machines one morning. And there, in the locker rooms, were more naked women. Walking around. Talking to each other. Drying their hair. Toweling off. And after spending time trying NOT to look, I noticed something. These are all women much older than me, all of which have clearly had children at some point.

So one night Becky and Miles took me along to a swim class. Aha. A bathing suit moment. So I slunk over to my locker and changed quickly into the bathing suit Becky lent me. I did it. I was naked in front of people.

So, I got into the pool. I did five laps, and decided that I had enough water up my nose to last a while, and got back out. I decided, since I had time to kill, and Miles and Becky would be swimming for a while, it was my time to be brave. I went back to my locker, disposed of my suit, wrapped my towel around, and headed for the group showers. And I saw myself in the mirror. And I saw the other ladies. And I realized something. I have the best body in this room. So I hung up the towel, and walked into the group shower. I was alone. All that bravery for nothing. But after I'd shampooed, I turned around and the room was full of women. Showering. Talking about their kids, their instructors, and the errands they needed to run.

Flush with success, I decided to go try the steam room. I've watched Sex and the City enough to be intrigued. This was a cedar hot room with a little rock bucket to make steam. I took in my Interview with a Vampire to kill time. I spread out my towel, and streched out on the cedar planks. Nice. Then a lady walked in. AND STARTED TALKING TO ME. I was naked. She was naked. It seemed like an odd time for a chat. But we did. About the temperature of the room, and how much she wanted one of these things at home. And other inconsequential matters. And after a few more minutes, I was warm enough. I braved the showers a second time, and got dressed.

But for a few minutes I was reveling in it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We spent all day yesterday cooking for an early dinner today. Tomorrow is Kunzepalooza!