Monday, May 17, 2004

I watched the news today for the first time in a million or so years. I'm glad I don't own a television. I switched to HGTV as soon as people left the bar. I know I shouldn't bury my head in the sand; I'm so far out of the loop about current events now that I don't dare express any opinion at all- even if I had one. And Southern California is not the place to get unbiased reporting. Hence why my blog doesn't cover current events. But some days I think God would still be better off just to scrap us all and start over. Forgive the blasphemy.

I'm having trouble finding a church here. I've been to the Episcopal,the Presbyterian, and an Assembly of God off and on since I moved here. I like the pastor at the Presbyterian church the best, but they're doing "Purpose Driven Life" at the insistence (I rather think) of the Elders. No thanks. Three chapters of the book was enough for me. Is there anywhere to go to find Christian fellowship without the "stuff?"

Add to the talley. Cai brought a rat in at three this morning. I had to dismantle my entire room to get it back outside. At least this one didn't bite me. Please God, not a snake. I'm not afraid of them, but they can hide more places than a rodent or bird.

At first I locked Cai in the bathroom and tried to get it back outside. But I lost it. So I let Cai do the dirty work and then caught it in a pillowcase. Nasty little rodents.

Also, Milk and Honey by Faye Kellerman is quite good. I'm not much a fan of Mystery writers, with the exception of a few authors. As promised by the cover, this book goes deeper than the myster into character development and back plot. If you're already familiar with Peter Decker and Rena Lazarus, you'll want to read this one.
"Gaudy Night" by Dorothy Sayers.

I really like her heroine. Every forward and afterward declares that Harriet Vane is unlikable. She's sarcastic, unemotional, and leaves Lord Peter hanging proposal after proposal. She's favors intellect over feelings. She's quite intelligent and very witty. She and Lord Peter play quotation games in nearly every conversation. She also has occasional urges to write poetry. What's not to like?

This time around she's investigating a poison pen letter writer at a fictitious college at Oxford. Ironically, Magdalen college is mentioned fairly frequently. (Really, that's not glaring to anyone who knows the University well, but that's the college where C. S. Lewis taught.) I highly recommend anything by this author. This book is especially good for character. It doesn't have quite enough of Lord Peter. That works very well for the twist at the end. More humor comes from a group of single woman academics sniping at each other as tempers rise.

I really hate "Beth" from Matrix Direct.
Another day in paradise.

Every week they tell us this is the last slow week. The house count will be picking up. Then the new schedule comes out. I can't afford to make what I'm making and pay off my car. That was my goal for the summer.

I only have two night shifts this week; four day shifts. But daytime shifts don't make as much money. Anyway. Enough vulgarness. At least I have a job. The average farmer in India working full time makes $22 a month...