Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Other Favorite Quote

He'd genuflect at a light pole if there was a cross piece on it.

Frank Peretti, The Visitation

Two cops are wandering around the apartment building looking slightly suspicious. Do you think they found out that I had an illegal cat here last month?
Favorite Quote of the Day!

Ocean Breeze Soap. It's like an ocean cruise.....except without a boat....and without actually going anywhere. (From "The Muppets take Manhattan")

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Just when you think life in the south couldn't get any weirder, it's that time of year again! The annual Cotton Palace Pageant. Check out the dress on this one!
I took my last two recital dresses into the costume shop today. Sally and Jamie loved them. Yay! Approval from real costumers!
The mystery explained

Alright, I've had many people say they can't leave comments because they don't know how. Simple. Scroll down to the bottom of the entry. Point mouse at the thing that says "comments." It should change color with your mouse over it. Click. Screen will pop up asking you to fill in your name, email, homepage, etc, and then provide a box to enter actual comments. Type. Hit Enter! Now you have officially joined the comment brigade -- the only way I know who's reading this, since unlike Daryl and maybe Teri, I don't have a counter that registers hits to my website. Happy commenting!


I tried this evening to cook with the no-bake pasta sauce. You know, put pasta in a pan, pour sauce and a can of water over it, bake at......for .....minutes. Yes. So I did that. But I have no parmesian cheese...and besides that, it just didn't work very well. The noodles are sticky, or crunchy. Maybe I should have used Penne instead of garden rotinelli. Doughy, that's what it is -- doughy. Like eating uncooked pasta with sauce. Why am I still eating it? Because it took almost an hour when all's said and done, and I'd rather eat the crap I've made than make more crap. Come to think of it, the sauce sucks too. But it's nutrition dang it!

Monday, April 28, 2003

Top 10 stupid things to say to God

All of which I've actually said at one point or another

10.Aren't I already perfect?

9.But I'm better than her over there!

8.But I'm in church every sunday!

7.But I read books about the Bible, doesn't that count?

6.Surely I'm good enough without you!

5.Can't we just leave Jesus out of this?

4.I'll just do my own thing

3. But I'm keeping up my end of the bargain!

2. My friends will think less of me!

1. Surely you don't expect me to believe that!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Being a Baptist

Today I was Baptist. I officially ended my St. Alban's career last sunday -- and it ended on a high note...literally. Now I'm on Sunday number three of my church search (having been given two sundays off to start looking before Easter). A few weeks ago I went to the Reformed Presbyterian Church --- thinking I would go back to my "roots." (such as they are). I'll have to go back again. They had a guest speaker who was a young post-semenarian, and his sermon was a bit fuzzy. Not presbyterian at all -- the points weren't clearly defined with a clever story apiece.

So today I was Baptist. I went back to the church I went to on accident one day because I had skipped my own after spring break. I liked the sermon today -- there were 5 points, not as clear as a Presbyterian's would be, but still discernable. I found the emphasis on Christ above all to be refreshing. I found the emphasis on personal devotions very nice (coming from a church where the layreaders don't know where 2nd Peter is). And the friendliness can't be compared to any church I've ever been to. I met a lady today named .... no really .... Cookie. She was one of the people passing out visitor booklets with imformation on the church and a card to put on the offering so they knew you were there. I sat next to her during the service -- and she made sure I met all the people involved in teaching the young adult bible study. We'll see about this one! Its kind of fun to be visiting!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Last night of Opera Scenes: So yes, they're over tonight! YAY! I have to get pictures so that I can use them as a partial portfolio. I also need to include pictures of all the recital dresses I've made. I'm off to the theater!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Favorite Ever-so-Girly things:

1.Pedicures and Manicures -- especially if parafin wax is involved.

2.Coconut and Mango Lotion that I had made at a specialty shop in California -- heavy on the Coconut

3. Indecence by Organza by Givinchy -- my only scent!

4.Oil of Olay Moisturizer

5.Clove and Evergreen Epervescent Bath Ball

6.Lash enhancing Mascara...almost any variety! Except the Gloopy ones that give you "tarantula eyes."

7.Wearing socks to bed full of lotion.

8.Caress Silkening Body Lotion -- spring Blush Scent.

9.Bath and Body Works "Sweet Pea" lotion....there are a lot of lotions on this list!

10. Yankee Candles ... the best scents are French Vanilla, Buttercream and Macintosh Apple.

11.My Cinnamon Candles hand made in a specialty shop in Calvert Texas -- actually smells like Red Hots.

I actually did homework this morning. Like, before the actual class. Watch her not decide to have us turn in our homework for a change! I have to spend from 3-9 this evening doing alterations for Opera Scenes. My *fabulous date* stood me up last night -- I'm not so dissappointed because I was so exhausted yesterday I coudln't imagine having to make myself look pretty and carry on a coherent conversation. I took a nap instead

Did I mention that I just want this year to end? School is out in less than two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I only have two finals -- one of my classes has a final project due....but that's about it. I only have to orchestrate a piano piece for full orchestra -- very complicated, but as long as I get my transpositions correct (darn clarinets) it should be easy sailing. I'm off! Talk to you guys all later!

Monday, April 21, 2003

Teri, you'll be proud of me, I'm going to get ice cream....even if it isn't wednesday!
I don't want to do costuming tomorrow. Its going to be an all day proposition.....I just want the school year to end!
Oh I can't wait for school to end. I don't care about my classes, I don't care about my tests....I don't care about my finals....I just don't care!

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Happy post-Easter! The services are over! The cloistering is over...I learned so very much! And I had my last day at my church today. It was very sad...Ive almost convinced myself that I shouldn't have left....but logic tells me that in a few weeks I'd be frustrated again if I stayed. So Now I'm going to bed. I was up at 5 this morning. Too darn early!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

This is not a premium time to be blogging, since I've been to La Fiesta and had a margarita or two .... small ones though...anyway. I'll get through the first part of my date anyway. His name is Tarus -- pronounces Tor - us (kind of like the car). Took me forever to figure that out because he didn't live his name on phone messages....I was almost to the point of sending someone to the bank to "set up an account" just to figure that one out for me. SO we went out to Chinese. They had Pepsi there - which totally made my night. Besides the date of course which made my year. He showed up late, but called me immediatly to let me know he was bogged down in work. I played snake on my phone to amuse myself.

He was very easy to talk to. Confident, well dressed, handsome in a conservative way. He did want to know what I thought of inter-racial dating. I wasn't aware he was from another planet, although that would be pretty cool. Obviously I was there, wasn't I? He's a Christian -- Church of Christ background. HIs mother owned an antiques shop, he has a huge family. He thinks I'm exotic. To a banker I guess I would be...or at least my profession would be. i'm pretty stodgy in my "old age." Anyway. We have a rain check to go out again, but it's going to have to wait until after Easter since I have a million church services between now and then. I'll write more as I think of it -- but surely that will hold you guys off for a day or two!!!! I'll try to post again before my Easter mania!

Monday, April 14, 2003

I had a date! A real one! Its so exciting! And I had a blast! And I can't stop using exclamation marks! And he paid for dinner, and he opened doors, and he was easy to talk to -- and he complimented ME not my dress or my highlights! Quel concept! Anyway! More about it later! I have a test to study for!

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Trivia of the day: What does the word "mizzle" mean? Any Guesses?

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Alright, I have had several requests for a blow by blow accounting of my recital, so here you all go!

I spent the whole day before resting and getting my hair done. I got dressed, manufactured hair ornaments to match my gown, and then put on my ever so elegant makeup....then I headed an hour early to the recital hall to chill out and warm up. Suprisingly I wasn't nervous. I mean, I was right before I walked onstage, and for a minute or two the hour before, but really I didn't have any sort of stage fright. It was surreal really -- standing backstage thinking "am I really doing this? Well, I'm dressed up so I must be." The only thing that gave it away to myself that I might be nervous was when I walked onstage and curtseyed. My legs almost gave out. That was when I discovered that I should have practiced bowing and walking in my dress. I almost tripped on the train on my way out, and then the skirt was a little tight so bowing was a little bid difficult. Especially with my legs shaking. Thank God I'm a woman and can hide it under a dress. Guys are screwed in this department. If their legs shake it shows.

The first song was Quia Respexit from Bach's Magnificat. It went very well. My accompanist gave me some cause for worry when he started the introduction out of tempt -- but it all was fixed by the time I started singing. He took it very very slow!

Next came my italian set. I got to act on those pieces -- makes it quite a bit more fun! I had one total panic moment as he started the sixth piece. I couldn't remember where I was in the set of songs. Luckily I remembered just as I opened my mouth to sing. Its a strange phenominon for singers. We'll totally blank out and then open our mouths and SOMEHOW the words are there. So then it was intermission. After intermission was my German song set by assorted composers. It went very very very well. I even heard a brava from the audience at the end. (5 hours has now elapsed from the time I started this post until returning to complete it...) So anyway....My French song set ended my recital. Everything went marvelously. The audience loved it when I showed a bit of ankle in one song. Spur of the moment, but it went over well. Then for my last piece was the hard as all get out French piece -- fast beyond all imagining with an interpolated high E at the end (for those of you who have heard Phantom of the opera, the high note there is also an E). I made it through, remembered all the words, and hit the high E. Very good I thought. I got plenty of positive feedback, much having to do with the jewelry my grandmother was kind enough to bring me from California at the last second. Afterwards the whole slew of us went out to dinner to celebrate!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

up again. Wish day were over. Reading Sense and Sensibility...maybe taking a hot bath. In fact, that sounds very good.
Very stressful day. Going back to bed now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

It's been a long week. I've realised a lot about myself over the past few days. I can't wait to start sorting through it. And wish me luck on getting good headshots!

Saturday, April 05, 2003

My recital is tomorrow. i'm calm. callllllmmm. And I have beautiful nails that are getting in the way of typing....will type later when I'm not so worried about them coming off.....

Friday, April 04, 2003

My family and various friends start rolling into town tomorrow! YAY!! For so many reasons YAY!!!! And I'm off to bed at a decent hour -- or maybe not if Adrian calls....
I need out of the house. Going to see a movie. Or maybe just eating, or coffee, or something. Ciao
Oh I had a wonderful day yesterday after all....well actually the day sucked, but my rehearsal went very well! My high note that I didn't tell my voice teacher I was putting in blew him hout of the water. YAY!!! High notes make it all worth while. I did forget words in a couple of places, but I doubt I'll do that on sunday because there will be plenty of breaks in between song sets to gather thoughts and remember words. And of course I'll fun through the whole thing a few times before then. And I got my bed back. Mom had been sleeping in it, and I was not sleeping well on the floor of my living room. So I got a good night's sleep -- after I finally fell asleep. I was so excited about my rehearsal that it took an hour or so to wind back down. Off to the shower and then to choir...blech!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

In a slightly better mood this morning, and as I read over my last blog I recalled some advice I gave to my sister when she was offended that her boyfriend's roommate would play offensive music even though he knew she wouldn't like it. "Drea, it's not your house. It's not his job to sensor his music just because you're there. If you're that offended the only thing you can do is leave." So, Rachel, if you're that offended, the only thing you can do is leave. Which I did. Sorry about griping about it last night. I was tolerably out of line. Still in a bad mood though. And I want waffles for breakfast and am out of syrup.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I have my final dress rehearsal tomorrow night. Must get up tomorrow and memorize the last piece. And practice my high notes. They went smashingly today, but tomorrow will be different. I'm sure it will be fine. But I must sing one good high note every day so that I'm confident that I can.

PS. I hate having friends who are perfectly content to watch the sex call in show when I'm part of the party and they know I'd rather not. So once again here I am at home having beat a hasty retreat at the advent of a discussion on anatomy and certain unpleasant odors associated with various body parts....lovely. So worth our time. Amazingly though, I turn off my Christian radio station when I get in the car so as not to offend them...why does it not go both ways do you think? Sorry, I'm in an abominably bad mood tonight. I have just finished watching Bridget Jones Diary -- arguably one of the most depressing movies in the world for a single girl. Somehow I doubt that Colin Firth (Or better, a Mr. Darcy of sorts) is going to come around the corner and fall madly in love with me as I make an utter fool of my self. Likely story. I'll see you when I'm in a better mood.