Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In Memorium, Stacey Frederick

The absence of Friends

The Calzones are playing a gig this saturday. A benefit for the American Cancer Society as I understand it. At the Sports Center. We'll be opening with three other bands. I'm getting excited, especially after practice today.

I'm especially glad this is an ACS thing, because my friend Stacey passed away at 3am this morning of ovarian cancer. We will miss her a lot. Her Celebration of Life service will be soon. I wish I could go, but I'm glad I got to see her a few weeks ago.

Stacey was very brave. She was diagnosed three years ago while in an opera program on the East Coast. She flew back for surgery, and had a very painful recovery. Her mother passed away of the same disease only months after Stace's diagnosis. She went through several rounds of chemo, many painful surgeries, and through it all remained upbeat and cheerful, determined to live a normal life. A few weeks ago she performed in a Requiem. A week ago she went into surgery to improve her breathing (she had retained a lot of water and was having difficulties). I've heard that the doctor told her then that it would be anywhere from two days to two weeks. Thankfully, because of the surgery, she didn't have as difficult an end as she had to watch her mother endure. Her death was peaceful. Her family sent us all an email saying that she passed away peacefully, listening to classical music, while her family recited all the names of people who loved her.

And I have other updates, but somehow my little piddling details don't seem so important right now.