Sunday, September 22, 2002

Not much time to blog. I have two tests to study for, neither of which I really want to take. I hate Polisci. I took 2 classes of it in Junior College, and liked them for my teacher's sake, and passed with A's/B. But is that good enough for Baylor? No. Because some horrible rich guy decided that he would only give money to our school if we used the badly written book of his choice. So now I have to take Polisci again -- and you know what else. They wouldn't transfer in my other American Government class because then it would look on my transcript like I'd already taken it. So they also jacked me of my junior class standing upon entering. Now I'm a senior. I've put off this darn class as long as I possibly can, and I can't any longer. And it's dumb. Not the topic itself. I like history. But the court cases and dates. WHO CARES. Why couldn't the fractious people just go and have a freaking DUEL and get it over! Marbury should have shot Madison. That's all there is to it. Same for Martin and his "Lessee." All of them should have duked it out and buried the loser in the swamp for all I care. And that's only two of them....and we have to memorise all current supreme court justices. And the year they came in, and the president who nominated them. BLECH!!!! Anyway. I am now five minutes past my "-you-must-get-off-the-computer-now-and-go-study" time, so I'm going to go do just that!