Friday, April 28, 2006

Banning Sousaphones

"By the sidewalk, there's a sign with what I presume is a Korean character in the universal slashed-circle prohibition symbol, but at a fleeting glance it kind of look like Seoul has banned sousaphones."

Snarky Review Quotes

Favorite Quote for the Snarky Review?

"You can't carry handguns if you're an Australian citizen? What if you're in the outback and you need to kill something? Do you just throw a Foster's bottle at it and hope for the best?"

Every time I come to Seattle I waste entirely too much time on cable and free internet. Which is much faster and less annoying than going to the library where the characters take a second apiece to type. And God forbid you make a typo.

I spent all evening watch reruns of sitcoms and playing around on the internet. After doing the crucials of email, myspace, and blogging, I started doing searches for the complete Harry Potter boxed set. Usually the new book comes out in the early summer, but from all the fan sites, I gather J K Rowlings is still writing it, and it may not come out until 2007. Which might kill us all, but is a very good plan if they're still trying to film all of the movies. If she holds off for a year that will give a chance for Hollywood to catch up a bit. The last chapter was written long ago, and the last word is "scar." Which is the end of my hours of research. Which consisted mostly of taking Harry Potter trivia quizzes. My average on the easy ones was 100%, and on the very difficult ones was 85%. As you can see, I'm managing my time wisely. One set of questions I got wrong every time were the Heads and Ghosts of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Who even cares about those houses?

Then I found this site which features snarky reviews of recent sitcoms. I've spent all morning reading reviews of Lost.

Lest you think I'm completely wasting my time, I'm also doing laundry, getting enrolled into an online degree program, researching scholarships again (speaking of which, I have to read a book and write an essay about how the US would be different if the current abortion laws were reversed. Does anyone know a good book on the subject? Preferably something non-incendiary. I'm pro-life myself, but surely there's something out there that would just logically state what would change if our population was growing at the rate of conception instead of births...maybe it's impossible to be impartial on this one). And I've cooked two meals. Neither of which involved Ramen.